Our First Holacracy Tactical Meeting

We are about a month and a half into our implementation of Holacracy and this past week we had our first Holacracy Tactical meeting.  Because the governance meeting is a core requirement of Holacracy it almost goes without saying that we’ve been having governance meetings since we rolled out Holacracy.  The Holacracy tactical meeting, on the other hand, is an optional meeting.  After having just one tactical meeting in my company I can see how valuable they are and it will be something we will be implementing throughout our entire organization.

Put simply, the governance meeting is for working ON the business, whereas the tactical meeting is for working IN the business.  The governance meeting is the only way for employees to propose changes to the structure of the company and for those proposals to be accepted and incorporated into the company’s governance documentation.  Without that process, there is no approved way for anyone to make any changes, so it is paramount that those meetings be held.

In a Holacracy organization, to communicate and get work done, employees don’t necessarily need to use the Holacracy tactical meeting. If a company has a current tactical meeting system they are using that is working, then by all means, they should continue to use it.  That is not the case with us.  We, like many companies, haven’t been holding the most efficient tactical meetings.  The meetings haven’t been time-efficient or structured and the output of the meetings hasn’t always been captured very well.

Like everything in Holacracy, the tactical meeting is very structured and well-documented.  It creates accountability by reviewing a check list and metric list each meeting, and capturing action items and projects in the meeting minutes that are distributed to everyone, even those that miss the meeting.  All the items are tied to roles and/or circles in Holacracy, so it just dovetails perfectly with governance.  In fact, when you assign a task to a person instead of a role it highlights it in red to remind you that you should probably have a role that is responsible for that work, not a person.

We currently have three circles that have been created, and only our Operations Circle is using the Holacracy tactical meeting.  This coming week our General Company Circle will start as well.