Assigning a Role to a Person in Holacracy

After a role has been created in a governance meeting, then that role needs to be assigned to someone.  By default, all unassigned roles are the responsibility of the Lead Link until they are assigned to someone else, which is handled by the Lead Link.  It’s in the Lead Link’s best interest to assign a role to someone else as soon as possible, especially in the early phases of an implementation of Holacracy because a lot of new roles are created.

Today I got to assign my first role to someone.  I met one on one with our office administrator and told her she gets to be the first person in the company assigned a role in Holacracy.  In our first governance meeting we created a new role called “Scorekeeper” that is responsible for letting us know if we are winning or losing on a monthly basis by updating our online company scoreboards.

While meeting with her today I created her Glassfrog account, assigned the role to her and also entered some notes on the role that included links to the Sharepoint metrics that she has to now keep up to date.  I also showed her how to create a tension, and I added her to the invite to the governance meeting being held tomorrow.  Now that she is assigned a role in the company she has the option to attend the governance meeting.

I gave her a copy of the Holacracy constitution and the quick reference card for the governance meeting process and walked her through what to expect for tomorrow.  I’m interested to hear her feedback after her first meeting.

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