Out of Office Messages

In early 2011 I was involved in a social media marketing class. During one of the webinars about how to be remarkable, the instructor had an example of a unique out of office message. For some reason this example really resonated with me. So the next time I was out of the office I put a little joke in my out of office message. I don’t remember what it was, but a couple of people commented about it. So I kept doing it, and people continued to enjoy them.  It has now become my “thing”.

I showed a couple of them to my wife and she suggested I keep a record of all of the messages so all of my “brilliance” wasn’t lost. (Hey, she’s my wife so, besides my mom, she is of course my biggest fan.)

Thanks to my wife’s suggestion you can enjoy all of my out of office messages right here on my blog at http://blog.timrettig.com/category/out-of-office/


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