Mo’ Mobility, Mo’ Problems

Apple released the iPad 3 last month with much fanfare.  In the first weekend alone they sold 3 million of them, which is very impressive considering it took 28 days for the original iPad to reach just 1 million units sold.  As I’ve written previously, businesses of all shapes and sizes have been finding new and inventive ways to increase productivity by arming their employees with these modern marvels.  While businesses have been quick to uncover new capabilities with these devices, they have also been quick to uncover new problems.

Not only are these devices changing the requirements for wifi inside the office, but now outside of the office the new iPad 3 has the ability to gobble up bandwidth like never before.  While latched onto Verizon or AT&T’s 4G LTE network, a user can consume a whole month’s worth of bandwidth in just one hour by watching hi-definition video, or downloading a bunch of apps.  Speaking of apps, we are seeing a common scenario where a company allows users to use their personal iTunes accounts on their iPads.  Then using that same personal account they purchase apps for business use and get reimbursed for the purchase, or use a company credit-card for the purchase.  If that user ever leaves the company, those apps that the company paid for go with the user’s iTunes account – there is no way for the user to transfer those apps back to the company.

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An iPad and Mickey Mouse

This month, my wife Mary and I took our two kids, Ethan (eight) and Lauren (six), to experience all that Disney and Universal Studios have to offer in Orlando, Florida. This was our fourth family vacation to the Sunshine State, so at this point, between our other trips and my wife’s research, we are pros at running the Disney gauntlet.

However, the one area that always seemed to be stressful was the arrival at the Orlando airport and subsequent transportation to the resort. After a flight with kids, the last thing we want to do is spend time in lines waiting for taxis, shuttles or rental cars. So this time I decided to prearrange a car via Town Car Now. Since there were four of us, the cost wasn’t much more than a shuttle or taxi, and the promise of having a car waiting upon our arrival sounded like just what we needed.

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