Harry Potter Out of Office Message

Greetings Fellow Muggle!

I have taken the Hogwarts Express to Orlando, Florida for a business meeting with my peer group, and an industry conference. I will return to the office on Monday, November 14, 2011.

You know me, I’ll be on email, but it may be a slightly slower turnaround than to what you are accustomed. I will only be checking and responding to urgent messages as time allows me to between Quidditch matches, meetings and battling He Who Must Not be Named.

If you have a service request or technical issue, please send an owl to our support team.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact our service desk at (513) 469-6500 option #1. Ask to speak with Dumbledore.

Full Disclosure: My eight year-old son Ethan helped me write this e-mail. While I am here I am also going to be visiting a certain theme park with my family. Maybe you have been able to figure it out from the hints in this message.

Thank you!

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