Are you down with DIIOP? Yeah, you know me…..

I upgraded a client’s Domino server last night.  Today we discovered that they use Axiom Groupware Integration for a service they receive from Rearden Commerce.  It is a service that allows them to book flights, rental cars and hotels at a discount and have those items be pushed automatically to user’s calendars over the Internet.  It is a pretty nice service from what I saw of it.  Here is the website with more info:

Here is information on the Axiom component:

So ever since the upgrade was completed, none of the appointments were being created automatically like they were supposed to be.  We looked into the logs on the Tomcat webserver that Rearden uses to submit the appointments to Domino and found this error:

2009-07-22 17:42:57,171 ERROR [groupware] [http-8080-2] – createAppointment  error NotesException: Could not get IOR from Domino Server: http://ServerName:63148/diiop_ior.txt

That Tomcat server receives the request from Rearden over the Internet, then uses a DIIOP connection to the Domino server to create the calendar entry.  As part of our normal upgrade process, we had hardened security on the Domino server and we had disabled Anonymous HTTP access to the server.  It looks like this requires that to be allowed.  We turned anonymous HTTP access back on, restarted HTTP, and everything was working again.  Looks like we will have to see if there is a way for this to work without the need for anonymous HTTP access.  But at least for now they can update their schedules.

Another problem solved!

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