Another trip, another crazy project

Tomorrow our company departs for our annual rafting trip in West Virginia.  Rafting down the New River is a blast, but the road trip there and back is rather mundane.  So to spice things up, we have decided to have some fun along the way.  We have decided to turn our caravan into a mobile network.  We are planning on using the Verizon data network as our primary link, and the AT&T data network as a backup.  We will use a laptop to share those connections among the passengers via wireless 802.11x.  Our caravan consists of a 12 passenger van, and a smaller “chase” vehicle.  We should be able to share our wireless network between vehicles.  That means we should be able to video conference between vehicles as we drive down the road.  We haven’t quite figured that part out, but we will do that while on the road. 
A network on the go.
A network on the go.

Our mobile network will provide minute by minute image updates to a public website.  We will also be tweeting, using the hash-tag of #lansol so you can follow us.  I will be updating my blog with more information about our network as we travel down the highway.  I will provide the link to the website once we depart.  We also plan on providing GPS updates about our location.  We depart about 1:30 EST, so check back then! 


3 thoughts on “Another trip, another crazy project

  1. You have an interesting project starting up! The wireless network should work pretty well between the vehicles. Apple Airport has a really strong signal, so if you have a problem with the coverage that may help.

    I think the video conferencing software should be able to recover from the lost connection very quickly. There will be most probably interference every now and then while driving that disturbs the transmission.

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