Arrival in Barrow

 We arrived in Barrow this evening.  We flew in on an Alaskan Airlines jet that is half cargo and half passengers.  Being that is was a jet, it was a much nicer flight than I had been expecting.  I was expecting a much smaller prop plane.  Here is a nice picture of the terrain that surrounds Barrow:
Alaskan Tundra
Alaskan Tundra

Once we arrived, we got our gear, piled into the pickup truck and drove to our “hotel” to check in.  The hotel is actually just some shipping containers joined together into a building.  We each have our own room, with a common bathroom area.  The building features wireless internet and a phone in each room.  It is clean and most importantly warm. After checking in we went to town and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, of all things.  After dinner we went to the beach and touched the Arctic Ocean.  The beach doesn’t have much sand – it is mostly gravel.

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