Holiday Out of Office Message

I wish I could claim credit on this one, but it is actually the out of office message of Nick Giordano, our professional services manager:

Tis the week after Christmas, and I’m not in ‘da house’
I’m not using my computer, not even the mouse.
I will check my email, some here and some there,
In hopes to get back to you with timeliness that’s fair.
We’re still fixing PCs, the sick and the dead,
So give us a call, we’ll put issues to bed.
Whatever you need, we’ve got it on tap,
And if you’re nice, we may even gift-wrap.
Call the number below and listen to the chatter,
Be sure to let us know what is the matter.
I hope your Christmas was a holiday smash,
And a happy New Year begins with a bash!


That, my friends, is how to do an out of office message!

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