Out of Office Due to Flooded Basement

I didn’t go to the office today because my basement flooded.  I figured I might as well let people know what was going on by setting up my out of office message:


You are probably accustomed to getting these automatic replies when people are on vacation in some exotic place, or at an important business conference.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.  This morning I awoke to a flooded basement, so today I am at home dealing with that mess.

Since today’s technology allows me to work anywhere, I’ll be on email, but it may be a slightly slower turnaround than to what you are accustomed.  I will only be checking and responding to urgent messages as time allows me to between emptying my wet/dry vac, calls to the insurance company, and paying the bills of the plumbers and carpet cleaners.

If you have a service request or technical issue, please e-mail…….

If you need immediate assistance, please contact our service desk at (513) 469-6500 option #1.

Why the funny message?  Find out here: http://blog.timrettig.com/outofoffice/

Thank you!

I hope I don’t ever have to use that message again……

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