Dual 22″ Monitors on a Wyse V90L using XenDesktop

This week I setup some users with dual Samsung SyncMaster 2243swx monitors connected to Wyse V90L thin clients.  The issue I ran into was that the best resolution for the monitors was 1920×1080.  To use dual monitors on the V90L, I had to install a splitter that has a VGA port and DVI port on it.  That means one monitor was using DVI, the other VGA.  Running 1920×1080 on that monitor over VGA leaves black lines down both sides of the display.  This happened on the Wyse device, and a PC and a laptop that I tested with. From what I was able to read, it seems that 1920×1080 isn’t a native VGA resolution, so it causes irregularities such as black lines down the sides.  In order for XenDesktop to work on dual monitors properly, they both need to be running the same resolution.  By trial and error I found that 1440×900 was the best resolution on both monitors.  Also, the user actually liked it better than 1920×1080 because data on the screen was slightly larger.  It has been 4 days now and all of the users with the new setup are very happy with it.

Dual monitors on a Wyse V90L

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