Scariest Release Form Yet

I received the release form for my upcoming Barrow, Alaska trip.  This is the most interesting form I’ve yet to sign for work.  I’ve signed some more involved release forms for racing cars, driving offroad, and doing some adventure tours.  But for work, this takes the cake.  Here are some samples:

“I understand that this event involves the following activities:  Air travel to and from research sites in Alaska, includes, but is not limited to, transport by large and small aircraft including helicopters, boats, all-terrain vehicles, motor vehicles, snow machines, and on foot….Living arrangements will range from hotels to primitive camping in tents and rustic cabins and primitive and remote houses……Watercraft will range from ships to inflatable boats with or without motors……Even walking on the ground is hazardousdue to its uneven surface and varying ice and water content.  Hypothermia is a distinct danger and requires constant attention….All other dangers normally associated with camping, hiking, rafting, canoeing, working near or on lakes and streams and rivers and travel in remote areas are part of this research opportunity.  These dangers include but are not limited to sprained ankles, broken bones, lacerations, drowning, exposure, and animal attacks by large bears, foxes, and other animals.  Precautions against bear attack include the use of firearms.  Hence there is also a danger of injury from firearms……The danger of repetitive motion injuries are part of this research opportunity…..This field and laboratory research opportunity includes the very real risk of injury and death.”

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