Tentative Calendar of Major Upcoming Microsoft Releases

This past week I was working with a client of mine to determine their upgrade plans over the next couple of years.  Since the majority of their environment is Microsoft, we looked for a good roadmap from Microsoft, but came up with nothing current.  So I went to a few of the product homepages and came up with the following list, which I think is helpful:

Exchange 2010:  due out the second half of this year.  Currently in public beta:

Windows 7:  Currently in limited beta, Release Candidate is due out next week.  No official release known yet, but it could be within 3 months:

Office 2010: Previously known as Office 14.  No official release known yet, but Balmer has stated that it will be released in 2010:

Windows Server 2008 R2: Currently in Beta, due out in 2010:

SQL 2008:  Currently available:

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